Choosing Love

Well, Fred Phelps has died.

I will join the multitude choosing to respond by demonstrating love.

His cause notwithstanding, his passing is yet another reminder that regardless of who we are, our time on earth — and with our loved ones — is incredibly finite. With every breath (and thought and deed), we decide whether we spend that short time in love or in hate.

When I die, I’d want to be known as someone who chose love.

Deep thoughts, even for this blog. So now I send you back to your regularly scheduled programming of Brian doing something weird:


Ruh-Roh: Incredibles 2, Cars 3 Coming

Le sigh. I thought Pixar was cooling it with the sequels.

I really couldn’t care less about Cars 3 (The original appealed to a demographic that, uh, wasn’t me, and I skipped the sequel altogether), but I’m a little scared/worried/concerned that Pixar is making a follow-up to The Incredibles. Brad Bird-helmed or not, there’s something to be said about preserving a self-contained experience that uniquely captured the budding superhero genre, computer animation technology, and America’s sensibilities in 2004 (“They will kill you,” etc., etc.). Revisiting that world could be disastrous, or — like the Toy Story franchise — genius. Methinks they told everything they needed to in the original. I’m cautiously optimistic that there’s more story to be told, even though this decision was almost likely fueled by $$$ rather than artistry.

For the longest time, I wanted to work for Pixar. I was impressed by and envious of its ability to stoke creative genius and take risks — box office returns be damned. But I guess at some point someone has to pay the bills. Here’s hoping Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur take it back to its golden age of original, creative storytelling… right before we go under the sea with Nemo and his buddies again to find Dory.

Next Stop: Miami!

So if Winter Storm Janus happens tomorrow, I’ll be going from this:20140120-210907.jpgTo this:20140120-211030.jpg

That’s right, world! After 8+ years in the nation’s capital, I’m headed down south. Although I will miss the crazy hyper-exciting/intelligent/political/self-important/megalomaniacal bubble that is the Beltway, I look forward to the crazy hyper-exciting/sexy/international/self-important/megalomaniacal bubble that is South Florida.

Let’s see… Which show based in Miami should I attempt to recreate?




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