Happy Thanksgiving!

I historically have never celebrated Thanksgiving, but there’s waaaaaay too much to be thankful for this year. And so here’s my Top 10 list of things I’m grateful for:

  1. A chicken burrito bowl with no beans, extra rice, and guacamole from Chipotle. ‘Nuff said.
  2. The SmarTrip express lane at Metro stations that allows me to breeze by while all the tourists are still figuring out how to insert their fare cards at the turnstiles.
  3. Friends. You know when you were in high school and you developed friendships because there were really no other options other than being friends with your classmates (unless you wanted to be a social pariah)? And then you got to college and you made friends with people who at least shared similar interests but probably still lived in proximity to your dorm room (i.e., convenience)? I love the fact that the pool for friendships as grown-ups is much larger, involves a little more choice, and can be based on something more substantial than just your fondness for The X-Files.
  4. My fish. How could I not have discovered these fantastic pets sooner? Hmmm… Come to think of it, I probably wasn’t ready for the commitment. But hey, except for one fish that I had to euthanize and one that committed suicide after I placed him on a time out, all my fish are doing well, knock on wood. I credit my good friend Ryan for getting me started on this fishy addiction.
  5. Target brand instant hand sanitizer, because: 1. it’s cheaper than Purell, and 2. I don’t know where those hands have been, honey.
  6. Modern technology. Someone recently asked me what would happen to me if I didn’t have access to the internet. Two words: catatonic schizophrenia.
  7. Target brand Nyquil, because: 1. again, it’s cheaper than actual Nyquil, and 2. it conks you out within minutes. It’s like going out and getting hammered, without the nasty hangover.
  8. There are friends, and then there are friends. There are a few people in my proverbial inner circle whom I’m extremely grateful for, because they have been there for me through all sorts of misadventures and who have gotten through my thick exterior and gotten to know me. At this rate, I’ll probably have ten best men at my wedding.
  9. R. (Yep, that’s right. I’m grateful for the letter “R.”)
  10. Divine providence. Because I seriously wasn’t supposed to be in Washington, DC. Seriously. DC was not even a blip on my radar. But God moved everything and everyone at the right moment so I could be here right here, right now. And I have never been happier nor more content with my life. So I’m chalking everything that happens to me and everyone I meet here in DC as part of God’s perfect plan (Jer. 29:11), because I really can’t take credit for any of this.

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