Looking Good Shirtless

A few quick updates:

  • So I’m pretty pumped that I got an A on my doctoral-level statistics course this semester. And those of you who know me know that that’s a big deal. For me, stats is up there in the “things I prefer a root canal over” list. The scarier thing is that when I was completing my final exam, I found myself actually understanding most of the stuff. Yikes.
  • Rehearsal was cancelled tonight, so I hit the gym instead—my second night in a row. And if I do say so myself, I look freakin’ hot. My stated goal for working out has always been not to be functional, but rather just to look good shirtless. I think I’m getting there. Let me know if anyone wants to see any pictures.
  • My roommate Nick and I subscribed to the baseball season pass on digital cable. Somehow there’s something so comforting in being able to watch the Red Sox play almost every night. Ah, the joys of cable TV.

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