Spiderman, Schmeiderman

Spider-Man 3 was, well, disappointing.

After the geeky excitement of seeing the webslinger come alive on screen in 2002 and face-off with the spectacular Doc Ock in 2004, I was largely underwhelmed by this latest outing.

And the trailers for it looked so damn good, too.

I mean, I appreciate director Sam Raimi’s attempt to make the story a little bit more about Peter Parker rather than Spidey, but seriously. This is supposed to be a summer blockbuster. Spare us the tears (oddly enough, almost every male lead in this movie cries) and just give us more explosions.


One thought on “Spiderman, Schmeiderman

  1. Totally agree, saw the move on Friday and it sucked. People were actually laughing AT the movie about halfway through….not a good effort, but it will still make a zillion dollars I’m sure.

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