Nerd Alert!

I am a nerd.

I am such a nerd that every once in a while, I’m amazed that I have friends.

Cases in point:

  • Every morning when I get up, I check the day’s news online (just to see that the world hasn’t blown up yet). But in addition to the usual sources, I usually make a stop at, a website that tracks the latest developments in comic book films. The latest news? A new script for a Wonder Woman film is apparently floating out there. Suddenly I’m having visions of the fictional Aquaman movie from Entourage.
  • I read The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed regularly. Except I’ve been a little disenfranchised with them lately as I’ve seen firsthand some blatantly biased and inaccurate coverage of some recent higher ed developments. It’s just too bad that they’re considered the trade standards for the higher ed profession. Where’s the competition?
  • I spent more than a couple of minutes looking at the new line of Transformers toys at Target yesterday. And I was this close to buying the new Bumblebee action figure. I actually don’t mind that he’s not a VW beetle.
  • I know pop culture and entertainment information the same way most guys know sports stats. I actually go to regularly to watch trailers of upcoming movies. And I get my fill of movie, tv, and music news from
  • I have profiles on,, and I find that Facebook is easily the most efficient and most accessible stalking tool. Only second to
  • I read people’s blogs. Like, people I don’t know and who don’t know me. And I leave comments. I have a lot of time on my hands. Especially when I should be doing something more productive, like study for my qualifying exam in August.
  • I have a blog.

3 thoughts on “Nerd Alert!

  1. The first two items are called be informed. The latter 5, nerd alert! (esp. that creapy transformer-toy-in-target thing).

  2. Archie, you ‘da man. We gotta get together and write some song lyrics. I’ll bring my rhyming dictionary and a two-liter of Jolt.

    Now, I’m gonna start leaving my random musings on your blog, too.

  3. Yeah, but when we rhyme, we’re not going to go for easy words like “feeling” and “heart.” We’re going for the toughies like “orange” and “napalm.”

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