Higher Ed Stuff

I haven’t written much about my ruminations on higher education recently, primarily because I think I’ve hit a saturation point.

I’m up to my neck in higher ed issues at work, school, and even home that I’ve desperately looked for distractions to get my mind off higher ed—distractions like Paris Hilton finding God and the Pentagon’s secret plans to turn our enemies into lusty gays.

But alas, the more you run from things, the more they run after you.

As part of studying for my qualifying exam in August, I’ve been re-reading some of the papers that I wrote when I started in the program in 2005. And boy, two years make all the difference in the world. Some of those earlier ones suck.

But since I would like to continue engaging my one or two readers who read my blog “for the articles,” I’ve uploaded a few of my papers on my other website, www.coobysnacks.com/work.htm, for anyone who’s interested.


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