Holy Cow

Boy, what a way to end the week. Last Thursday and Friday, I had the awesome opportunity to attend and play at a leadership conference hosted by my church. My head is still spinning with everything I heard, learned, and experienced, so I’m taking a few days to process all of it. Lots more reflections to come on that, so stay tuned.

Also saw Ratatouille with my good friend Ryan last night. Let me just say this: Go see this movie. I could go on and on about the artistry of the animation, the wittiness of the dialogue, etc. But perhaps what is most affecting about the movie (and really what makes Pixar so genius) is the underlying story about pursuing your dreams, even if the world says that you can’t. So my unsolicited endorsement #4: Catch it before the crazy Michael Bay-ness of Transformers kicks up later this week. 🙂


One thought on “Holy Cow

  1. Thanks for the movie recommendation. I was just talking about it with some friends last night, and I think your verdict has sealed the deal. =)

    Fun blog, btw. I’ll be back around.

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