Nice to meet you, ‘Arry Potta!

Okay, so I went to see the midnight premiere of the new Harry Potter movie last night. Having been a midnight screening virgin, I was expecting to see a theater packed with 40-year old men dressed as prepubescent wizards, waving sticks and creeping around under invisibility cloaks made out of vinyl tablecloth. I was pleasantly surprised at how normal the crowd looked.  I guess my visions of recreations of The Rocky Horror Picture Show tainted my stereotypes about the kinds of people who go to midnight showings.

Also, having never read any of the books (never made it past page 10 of the first one) and having never seen the previous movies on the big screen, I didn’t know what to expect. But I thought the movie was fantastic! I definitely recommend it.

Now I don’t know what’s geekier: the fact that I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter, or the fact that I still haven’t seen Transformers.



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