Weird Dreams

Okay, so it’s a given that I have weird dreams, barbecues with Jason Varitek and all. But this past week, I’ve had two dreams that have generally been about… oh I don’t know… the apocalypse. (Tun-tun-TUN!)

Maybe it’s because I got caught up watching a History Channel special on the Anti-Christ last week. (Who the heck knows why the History Channel was playing it in the first place? All I know is that it featured as one of its “expert” commentators now-defamed preacher Ted Haggard. Seriously. Anyone who’s seen video of him should have known that something was up.)

Or maybe it’s because of some deep-seated emotional issue from my childhood that’s manifesting itself by revelaing to me that things are out of my control.

Or it might be the Chipotle burrito bols I’ve been having.

Who knows.

In any case, in the first dream, I was walking down a street in New Hampshire while visiting my sister. Suddenly, I noticed a space shuttle launch nearby. As soon as the shuttle launched, I saw a huge mass of what I can only identify as unidentified flying objects hovering in the sky. There were tons of them, like a swarm of locusts almost blocking the sun. With a sense of impending doom, I looked up and saw that they were perhaps preparing for a hostile takeover. End scene.

In the second dream that I literally just had a few hours ago, I was coming home from work/improv/night out and noticed that it was lighter out than usual, especially for 11:45 p.m. I looked up at the sky and saw that the sun was still glaring and that it seemed hotter than it usually is on a summer night. Somehow I heard that there were reports that the moon had fallen out of orbit (in essence, it was out of order and wasn’t shining anymore) and that the earth’s rotational axis had been skewed by only a couple of degrees and was causing the intense climate change. People were pouring into the streets looking up at the sky and contemplating what it would mean for our existence, as vegetation slowly baked in the midnight sun. End scene.

Yep. So apocalypse by alien invasion and by climate change. Fantastic. I should write made-for-TV movies over at the Scifi network.


One thought on “Weird Dreams

  1. A: I’m super jealous that you’ve been eating at Chipotle! I really wish we had them here in South Florida.

    B: I used to have recurring dreams about the Apocalypse, although mine involved inadvertently eating thin slips of paper that were strategically hidden in my Cheerios by the Anti-Christ, which would somehow give me the mark of the beast. I don’t get it, either . . .

    C: That’s all – I just felt unfinished with just A and B . . .

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