Sweetness and Creaminess Go Together

Just to ensure that the brain cells I killed while studying for my qualifying exam remain dead, I watched a mini-marathon of Bravo’s Top Chef this past weekend with my roommate Nick. Holy cow. This show is addicting.

A few thoughts:

  • Hung is such an a-hole. I loved how Entertainment Weekly characterizes the guy’s arrogant pompousness. Apparently, this dude is “utterly convinced that sweetness goes with creaminess.” Ha ha. What a freak. If you saw that episode, you know exactly that his pontificating was prime BS-ing at its best. Some of the stuff that comes out of this guy’s mouth is just priceless. On another episode, criticized that his arroz con pollo was not up to par in a Latino-themed elimination challenge, Hung asked the judges: “Was it too classic?”
  • Poor Joey. When the 29-year old New Yorker got eliminated, the tough guy was reduced to tearful blubbering. Methinks that while the women watching that probably enjoyed his emotional breakdown, his buddies are probably still giving him crap about it to this day.
  • Finally, I’m continually impressed at the judges’ steely poker faces during the eliminations. It looks like they actually rehearse looking severe. If this whole Top Chef thing doesn’t work out for them, I think they have a career ahead of them as poker players. Or mannequins.

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