I Only Endorse Fictional Serial Killers

So these past few days, I’ve been catching up on the first season of Dexter, a newish show on Showtime about a friendly neighborhood serial killer. Michael C. Hall (who played David Fischer in HBO’s Six Feet Under) plays the title character, who is basically an endearing sociopath who uses his serial killing abilities to give bad guys their comeuppance. He’s literally playing Judge Judy and Executioner™ when he’s not at his day job as a forensic specialist for the police.

What’s fascinating about the character himself is that he’s not at all conflicted about what he’s doing. In his mind, he’s actually using his serial killing powers for good. And of course, that’s why the show is so disturbing/fascinating/absorbing. It’s so riddled with delicious moral dilemmas that you almost feel kind of guilty rooting for the serial killer antagonist.


So my unsolicited endorsement #7: If you can handle blood splatter and a diverse array of hacked off body parts, go netflix/buy season 1 of Dexter, now out on DVD. Season 2 begins on Showtime on September 30.



One thought on “I Only Endorse Fictional Serial Killers

  1. Dude, I borrowed “Halloween” from my dad tonight. Want to come over and watch it? I’m pretty sure this serial killer is also fictional.

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