I think I’m allergic to school. Holy crap. It’s only the first week and I’m already exhausted. Oh well. I really have no right to complain, since this is the life I chose.

Anyway, in other pointless news…

So Steve Jobs earlier this week revealed an update to the iPod, the iPod Touch (which is basically the iPhone without the phone). And I’ve got to say, man, it looks pretty sharp. Now if they can only add more memory in there so my whole library can fit. 🙂 Although it’s good to know that for the same $349 I paid for mine last year, I can now get 160 GB(!) of storage. The best news of all, of course, is the fact that the iPhone price has finally dropped. Is it wrong that I have fantasies of my cell phone being thrown off a balcony or meeting some other premeditated demise so I can get a new one (i.e., the iPhone)?

By the way, that thought-provoking, life-changing post I talked about earlier is still on its way! I’ve been writing and re-writing drafts, but basically it seeks to ask the question, What does it mean to be a “good” Christian? I think as a church (and as a society), we’ve completely missed the point on the fundamentals of faith so that those who don’t know Christ are so turned off by us that we’re actually doing more harm than good. Coincidentally (or maybe not), starting this Sunday my church is doing a series called The Elephant in the Church, which will basically tackle those obvious issues that the church chooses to ignore. I can predict with a degree of certainty that there’ll be a lot of seat-squirming this Sunday. I say, bring it!


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