R.I.P., Eel

One of my more recent purchases for my aquarium was this fancy looking spiny peacock eel.


Unfortunately, he decided to match wits with the aquarium filter this evening as I was replacing the cartridge. Long story short, he inadvertently—or maybe he did it on purpose—got sucked up through the filter tube and was subsequently spit out like a chewed piece of gum. The poor guy had a good chunk of his body torn and the left side of his face completely eviscerated. He still managed to swim a little bit, but his swim pattern (I was going to say gait, but since he has no feet, that word doesn’t make sense. Much like my anthropomorphizing him in this post.) became erratic and ultimately sad to watch. One of the fish, channeling Darwin, even started pecking at him. He struggled to regain his composure until he finally decided to give up and lay himself down by one of the plastic caves. He was dead by the time I scooped him out with my net and sent him off his merry way down the toilet.

Alas, he was a good pet. R.I.P. Eel. I hope your replacement cousin whom I’ll get at PetSmart this weekend will be slightly smarter and avoid the giant sucking tube in the tank.


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