Things I’m Up To

I’ve decided that October is the month from hell. Thank goodness it’s coming to an end very soon. Quick update on what I’ve been doing with my life lately (other than update my blog or my 365 set on Flickr): 

  • I’m getting ready for the National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) annual conference in Dallas. I’ll be there a whopping six days. I’m a co-host for next year’s conference in Boston, and so this’ll essentially be our dry run. On the side, I also serve as the editor for one of the association’s publications, The Orientation Review. I had to produce two editions of this publication in the span of three weeks, so needless to say I am all publicationed out.
  • Speaking of Boston… Heck yeah, Red Sawks. You ah awl frickin’ brilliant! Next time ahm up the-ah, ahm buyin’ you awl bee-ahs.
  • I helped Ryan move this past weekend. He just bought a two-bedroom condo in Northwest DC for really cheap. I am insanely jealous.
  • I neglected to mention that on the same night that my eel died, my betta also met his end. I’ve realized that many fish have died under my care. Maybe I should take that as a sign. (And no, I haven’t gotten a replacement for the eel yet.)
  • I saw a pretty powerful and moving musical at Arena Stage last night entitled The Women of Brewster Place. I’m first and foremost a sucker for Arena’s productions, mainly because they feature what would usually be considered indie films in the movie world. But this musical ranks up there for me, not just in its production values and performances but also very definitely in the underlying story.
  • I missed improv class last week and will miss it again this week. I miss it.
  • I met former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales today.
  • And on a faith-related note: The big JC is showing me things I never for a second imagined I’d experience here in DC. It’s scary, but good. It’s helping me develop an utterly reckless reliance on God for everything.

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