Tagged: Seven random things about me

My friend Steven just tagged me. I guess it’s like getting a communicable disease, only without the redness and the itching. 

So here are seven random things about me:

1. I’m an eternal optimist. I’d like to think that I see the best in people and in things, even in crappy situations. It makes life just more fun and interesting. Life’s way too short.

2. There are 7,736 items in my iTunes library. (That translates to 32.62 GB and 21.7 days of music .) I love music. Life’s more fun with a soundtrack.

3. I’ve been playing the piano for almost 25 years. I mainly play by ear; I didn’t really take formal lessons. I had musician mentors who would teach me chords or finger positioning as I was growing up, but that was pretty much it. I know that my grandfather (who died the year I was born) was skilled on the piano as well. I’d like to think that his legacy is living on through me.

4. Family is important. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I do want kids someday. Soon. Wait, is that my biological clock I hear ticking?

5. I polish my shoes every morning. It’s an old habit my dad taught me when I was growing up. He told me girls judged you based on the cleanliness of your fingernails and the condition of your shoes. I guess it stuck.

6. I’m a reformed Type A.In college and grad school (for my master’s at least), I used to be extremely Type A… to the point that people around me got annoyed and started calling me “Crab-arrubia,” because I was crabby all the time. Thankfully, my three years in Arizona mellowed me out. I still like to keep things organized, but have learned not to be so militant about it.

7. I’m more spiritual than I let on.Well, if you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know that about me by now, I hope. But my day-to-day life is very much undergirded by my faith. There’s a lot I can’t explain and a lot I don’t know, but I do know that my life is moving in the direction it is because of God. Whether I realize it or not, I count on that every morning when I wake up.

So I guess to spread the love, I’m tagging Jonathan and Justin.


One thought on “Tagged: Seven random things about me

  1. Glad to see the legacy continue! (okay maybe that’s completely overstated.) You really polish your shoes every morning?! That’s hard core.

    Am I the only one who checked the cleanliness of my fingernails after reading number five??

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