Yuppie 2.0

My transformation to total Gen-X Yuppie is almost complete.

I went out and bought myself a MacBook. That’s right. I’m going to be right there when Steve Jobs decides to start Armageddon, which will no doubt involve iPods and other mac products.

I’m retiring my Toshiba laptop, who after years of faithful service, is simply not hip enough for who I’ve become. (Sorry, buddy.) If anyone knows anyone who needs one that still runs pretty decently, let me know. Still debating on what to do with George, my ultra-powerful Dell desktop, who’s been with me since 2003.

The funny thing is, I started out this year only wanting an iPhone. I guess it’s go big or go home. 🙂 In any case, my new friend will be useful, especially as I’ve started recording more music and doing more photo stuff. Yay macs!


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