Yep, Still Exhausted

Wow. Long weekend.

First off, power went out in my apartment building yesterday afternoon and through early today because of the crazy winds. The timing was particularly frustrating, because I have two papers due by midnight tonight (it’s currently 11:53 p.m.). I attempted to do some work at the local Starbucks yesterday, but apparently everyone and their mother from my building apparently had the same idea. So instead, I spent the evening first serenading myself on my roommate’s guitar whilst surrounded by a sea of candles. Feeling guilty about my lack of productivity, I attempted to do work the old-fashioned way: on pen and paper by candlelight. (Hey, if our forefathers could do it… ) Although it only served to reinforce my utter and complete dependence on the modern comforts of technology. Where, oh where, would I be without electricity and the internet?

Apparently, the power didn’t come back on until this morning, but I had already left to go to church. Then I spent a record five hours this afternoon at Washington Improv Theater’s student showcase. Because I’m in two improv classes, I had two performances to do. Both were extremely fun, but pretty draining.

I only got back home a few minutes ago and am now catching up on all the fun of having the power back on. Yay school work!


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