Apparently, I Only Wear Tight Shirts

One of my classmates in the higher ed admin doctoral program works for GW’s Spirit Programs Office. In class today, he brought boxes and boxes of t-shirts that he was taking to Greensboro, NC for the Women’s NCAA Sweet 16 tournament. (#6 GW is playing #2 Rutgers tomorrow.) Needless to say, we all demanded free shirts before he went on his merry way. I was going to get a medium, but my friends pressured me into getting a small. What can I say? I succumb to peer pressure way too easily.

Now here’s the thing with me and free t-shirts: I used to get tons of ’em when I worked with orientation programs. Every year, we’d order literally thousands of them to give away to new students and their families, and by the end of the summer, I’d usually have several randomly take residence in my dresser. After a while, I noticed that I would accumulate more than my fair share of the one-size-fits-all paraphernalia (and plus, I never really wore them anyway), so I would usually end up giving them all to Goodwill.

So to prevent such wasteful accumulation, I’ve decided to develop strict guidelines for accepting/wearing free t-shirts: Mainly, I need to be able to wear it as a muscle shirt, thusly:


Maybe I’ll cut the sleeves off the next one.  


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