Apparently You Know Me Better than I Know Myself

The Compare People application on Facebook automatically sent me an e-mail today with the header: “Archie, your strengths and weaknesses, as voted by your friends.” Curious, I decided to read on. Apparently these are what you think of me:

most trustworthy
best travel companion
most desired for marriage

best to be stuck in handcuffs with
best to hang out with for a day


A couple of things: Yes, I’ve heard on more than one occasion that I’m the one girls always marry in the “sleep with, kill, or marry” game. (You know the game I’m talking about. Don’t pretend like you haven’t done a few drunken rounds on a slow Saturday night at a bar somewhere.)

And it’s not a surprise. Not only am I extremely nice and considerate, but I’m also quite domestic. I iron my next day’s outfit every night before bed, I cook mean dinners, and my apartment is virtually spotless. But alas, I’m apparently not the “bad boy” that people run away with; I’m the “good guy” they settle with. Guess I just need to get more tattoos and get some body parts pierced.

Although it’s a little counter-intuitive that people would want to marry me but not want to be handcuffed to me and hang out all day.

But, I will concede: I lead a boring life. The most likely scenario is that you’d probably want to go on a roller coaster somewhere, and all I’d want to do is look for used furniture on Craigslist.


One thought on “Apparently You Know Me Better than I Know Myself

  1. That weakness must be a typo. Who wouldn’t want to be stuck in handcuffs all day with Coobs?

    Check out a few of mine:

    – Most likely to go to Wendy’s twice in a day
    – Most likely to panic over something stupid, yet take a major tragedy in stride

    – Most likely to spend a Friday night commenting on blogs

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