Well, I’m 29 now.

I celebrated the start of my last year in the 20’s last Saturday. For some reason, that’s becoming a much bigger deal to me than I thought it would. A colleague from work astutely observed that I may be subconsciously freaking about this whole getting old and taking responsibility for my life thing. Which, really, I know logically doesn’t make any sense, since by all accounts I’m still young and hopefully have many, many years of hijinks ahead of me. But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about career, family, and yes, even my dissertation. Mainly I’m curious (maybe concerned) about what the other side of 30 looks like. I think I’m having a delayed quarter life crisis.

In any case, my parents came and visited me this past weekend for my birthday. It was good to see them and have them meet my crew and experience my life as a grown-up. I don’t think that’s ever happened before, so I’m thankful for the opportunity. I actually remember saying to myself several times that I feel fortunate to have the kind of relationship that I have with my parents, especially when I know so many whose relationships with their parents are either uncomfortably strained or virtually nonexistent. 

In other fronts, I’m still improvising like a mad man. Next week, I’ll be doing improv four nights a week, including my debut with the troupe “The Lodge” at Washington Improv Theater‘s summer run. Come check us out. Please. We need as many people to show up as possible, or WIT’s managing director, Topher Bellavia, will beat us.


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