DC Things: Supporting the Arts

My friend Alaina invited me to this year’s opening night reception for “Every Dog Has its Day: Celebrating Our Canine Companions,” an annual exhibit at WVSA ARTs Connection, a DC-based non-profit that uses arts as a means of serving area children and youth with special and developmental needs. Alaina had a portrait of her dog, Miss Anabelle Blanche, commissioned and so we checked out the final product. It was easily one of the best paintings there last night. 

We met the artist, Jamal, and his mom, who mentioned that discovering her son’s talent was quite accidental. Jamal’s works have been displayed all across the world and has been successfully auctioned at several area galleries. 

As I was listening to Jamal’s mom share her son’s story, I couldn’t help but reflect on the untapped potential that exists in all of us (and especially those from whom we don’t usually expect much). There’s too much wisdom in how God put us together that it’s not quite smart to count anyone out who doesn’t quite fit the mold.

You can get portraits commissioned through the organization (or just make a donation), so check it out.


2 thoughts on “DC Things: Supporting the Arts

  1. I’m so glad you went with me. You really summed up our conversation. I’m glad to be friends with you, especially as you go through your quarterlife crisis! One day, you’ll see how much you already know and how much you are already such an awesome person.

  2. thanks for coming along to the show and understanding what we do…”you get it”. I invite others to see the great work our apprentice artists create!

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