I Hate You, Dissertation

I’m at the computer lab at GW again. Apparently this is where I actually get stuff done. Apparently. I’m taking a quick break just to announce to the entire blogosphere that I, indeed, hate my dissertation.

Some of you might think, “Archie, hate is such a strong word.” 

Perhaps. Or perhaps hate is not a strong enough word to accurately express my disdain for this project.

In case there’s any wondering, I’ve officially hit the hate-hate relationship portion of my doctoral program. At this point, there’s really nothing else motivating me other than (1) a deadline to get chapters 1-3 done in time for my proposal defense in August, and (2) looking forward to changing the name of this site to Dr. Coobysnacks next May.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.


One thought on “I Hate You, Dissertation

  1. Don’t hate the dissertation! Just know that this hell will pass one day, and you will be DR. HOTTY COOBYSNACKS! Go Archie! Go Archie! Go!

    While I was in school, my best friend would leave me voicemails and emails of encouragement several times to keep me going. I am here to wave that encouragement torch in your general direction.

    YOU CAN DO IT! You are bigger, stronger, hotter, smarter, and sexier than the average doctoral student, and you smell great, too. Don’t let academia get you down!

    Just think, after this, you’ll never have homework this extreme again!

    Your pal,

    Dr. Sarah Smartyskirts

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