One of my good friends, John, randomly gave me a pocket-sized journal this past weekend. I don’t know if he actually knew that I’m a big journaler (albeit Doogie Howser-style), but it gave me a great excuse to take my penchant for deep thoughts on the road.

My entry for today has to do with collisions. I’m fascinated by the thought of our lives being inextricably affected — either enriched or diminished — by every single person that we meet. I feel tremendously blessed that my path has collided with those of so many wonderful people (sometimes randomly, sometimes with divine appointments) without whom I would not be the same person I am today.

I think that in many ways, we’re all traveling solo on our respective life journeys; we have our own destinations, our own paths, and our own vehicles. But our lives are made significantly richer by the people who walk with us and support us on our journey, even only for a few miles or a few steps.

I’m intrigued by our amazing potential as human beings to lift up or take down others who walk across our paths daily. In light of that amount of influence that we have, it behooves us to ensure that we make the most of the interactions we have with others around us, no matter how small and no matter how insignificant. We might just be that one collision that one person needed to keep on going.


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