RIP: Yugyan


Oregon Zoo Polar Bear Euthanized

PORTLAND, Ore. — A 22-year-old polar bear was euthanized Tuesday when the pain from kidney failure became too much, zoo officials said.

Yugyan, whose name is pronounced You-Yang and means northern lights in Aleut, was diagnosed with kidney failure nearly a year ago, and the Oregon Zoo’s animal-care workers had been managing the bear’s pain since then, keepers said.

Keepers gave the bear, who was nicknamed Yugs, chocolate, peanut-butter ice cream and pie, which are not part of a polar bear’s diet, and said their goodbyes.

“During her illness, there were times when she was not doing well, but would bounce back,” said Amy Cutting, acting assistant zoological curator. “Her latest setback was too much to overcome.”

Yugs was the youngest of the zoo’s three bears and arrived at the Oregon Zoo on Sept. 3, 1986. Keepers described her as “spicy, intelligent, clever and stealthy.”

“She created inventive games with her enrichment toys,” said Cutting. “She was very engaged with her keepers and always curious about what they were doing.”

I can only hope that one day, someone would characterize me as spicy, intelligent, clever, and stealthy.


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