Monday Morning Randomness

I skipped a whole bunch of posting opportunities this weekend. I’ll chalk it up to laziness. Or to my huge arms being tired from lifting weights that I couldn’t even type on my computer. Yeah, let’s use that one.

A few random thoughts, in no particular order:

I usually have an introspective 9/11 post, but didn’t think I could come up with anything good this year. And it was equally cathartic to just sit quietly in a moment of (virtual) silence. But I was touched to see the outpouring of thoughts about by my friend, Lisa Frost, on so many of my friends’ Facebook status blurbs. Lisa was a fellow BU orientation leader who was on the second plane that hit the World Trade Center. We promised her then that we wouldn’t forget; none of us have.

I played firefighter for some extracurricular activities that flared up this weekend. I felt like Michael Clayton. Sometimes I wonder if this is one of those undiscovered strengths that I’ve developed as a result of my near-death* (*not actually near-death) experience with the infamous DC political bureaucracy a few months ago. So what if I lost several years of my life? At least I have the scars to prove it.

Staying apolitical on this blog is proving to be a little difficult, but two thumbs up for Tina Fey’s performance as Sarah Palin in this past weekend’s SNL season opener. And Saturday night proved yet again that swimming like a dolphin and winning eight Olympic gold medals do not make you a good television personality. Sorry, Mike!

I also saw the best athletic-related TV commercial this weekend: Venus and Serena Williams taunting Peyton and Eli Manning during a press conference about which pair of siblings is superior. The product? Oreo double-stuffed cookies. Brilliant. Now that’s how you do television appearances.


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