Weird Office Encounters

My weird office encounter of the day: People who type on their Blackberries while sitting on the toilet.

Ew. Really, ew.


2 thoughts on “Weird Office Encounters

  1. HA! I actually found out from a co-worker that men in my office do that. He was saying that the lights in the men’s bathroom are on a motion detection timer. So when you walk in the lights will go on if they have been out. But then sometimes you’ll hear the sound of typing coming from a stall.
    Apparently, the lights go out if there is no activity for 15 minutes.


  2. I get more work done in the can than at my desk when it comes to responding to emails. Gross as it may be, it’s pretty effective when it’s one of the few places left to be ‘alone’ in the office.

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