Post Thanksgiving Entry

I’m making dinner as I type this blog entry, so I’ll make it quick:

  • I made pumpkin pie for the first time for Thanksgiving. I was surprised at both the ease and the success of my final product. I thought the pie was excellent. Not Top Chef brilliant, of course, but good enough to please the most discriminating of palates – mine.  And then I realized that there are actually very few people in the world who like pumpkin pie. So now I’m eating a whole pie by myself. Thank goodness I made only two. My original plan was to make four. 
  • I was going to go Christmas shopping this past weekend, but ended up buying more stuff for myself than for other people. Figures. Next on my list: A Playstation 3. Just because I want to help support the economy.
  • The Pats got their asses handed to them last night by the Steelers. It was painful to watch. But only half as painful as listening to Keith Olbermann provide commentary over at NBC’s Sunday Night Football. Look, I know the gentleman has a long and distinguished career as a sportscaster, but I can’t get Ben Affleck’s portrayal of him from a few weeks ago on SNL out of my head: 

    (I can’t figure out how to embed hulu videos on WordPress, so you’ll just have to click the link to watch the video. It’s hilarious, though. I have a newfound respect for Ben Affleck. Fine, judge me.)


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