DC Things: Fogo de Goodness

My buddy Greg and I took our friend John out for his “bachelor party” last night. John’s getting married in a few weeks, and a, uh, traditional bachelor party had been expressly forbidden, so we decided instead on spending the evening doing manly things.

One of our stops was dinner at Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian churrascaria here in DC. If you’ve never been to a churrascaria before, all you need to know are two words: all-you-can-eat meat. Pounds and pounds of meat, delivered to your table until you can’t have anymore. Grilled carcasses, seasoned to perfection and sliced directly onto your plate by friendly and expert knife-handling gauchos.

Priciness aside (dinner costs a little over $45 per person), this restaurant is fantastic. The quality of the food and service is worth every penny. I know that it was supposed to be John’s night last night, but my inner carnivore felt like it had died and gone to meat heaven. 


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