Taking Me Down a Notch

Well, today was one of those days. I’ve never doubted that the universe has some weird karmic sense of justice (or is it humor?) to keep everyone humble, but boy, today was a doozy.

I’m not going to detail exactly the boo-boo I made at work today, but let’s just say it involves sending the wrong attachment in an e-mail to a bunch of people in the Department who probably don’t like me in the first place. (I’m a bad cop sometimes, if necessary.) Normally an error like that wouldn’t be too bad. Unless, of course, the attachment you sent was the cover letter to a dream job that no one in your office knows you’re applying for.

Yeah, I know. Rookie mistake. And I typically triple check attachments before I hit send. But for some reason, I sent this e-mail off without a second thought. I had what I can only describe as a mini-stroke when I realized my Liz Lemon-style screw-up. Thankfully, I was able to recall the message before more sensitive eyes saw what I sent. But a couple of contractors did open the original e-mail.

If I were more paranoid, I’d lose sleep over it. But really, this incident was a hilarious reminder that, in spite of our best efforts, we’re human and still have the capacity to screw up royally. 


Hey, at least no one died, right?

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. Here’s to fresh starts! 


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