Kentucky Grilled Chicken?


Kentucky Fried Chicken is attempting the first major change to its menu in a long, long time and adding grilled chicken to its offerings. They’re even giving away free samples of the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken line tomorrow, April 27, 2009. It’s like Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day. Only with chicken.

Curiously, the marketing for the new chicken roll-out is “Unthink What You Thought about KFC.” 

Because I always comply with what ads tell me to do, I started thinking about what I thought about KFC in the first place. As a disclaimer: I’m a self-professed KFC aficionado. It’s number one on my list, leagues above Chick-fil-A and Popeye’s. I’m even this close to following the Colonel on Twitter.

But I don’t know that this new addition to the menu has convinced me to rethink the way I think about KFC. (It’s like McDonald’s trying to convince its customers that ordering the Arch Deluxe would make them more sophisticated. And we know what happened to that sandwich.) I’m wondering if KFC really wants me to change my opinion about their chicken to begin with.

To me, going to KFC has always been a guilty, decadent pleasure. You know it’s bad for you (as in, fire-up-the-defibrillator bad for you). You don’t even bother looking up the menu’s nutrition facts. But what makes KFC’s deep fried goodness all the more appealing is the notion that it’s scarily unhealthy and scarily good. Especially the skin. The crunchy, juicy, cholesterol-filled skin, whose flavor explodes in your mouth every time you take a bite. So good as in, you’d buy a bucket of chicken skins if they put that on the menu. 

Let’s be honest here: I don’t go to KFC for healthy chicken. I doubt other people do, too. I go specifically to clog my arteries and shave a few years off my earthly existence. And frankly, that’s what keeps me coming back. I don’t know if KFC would really want me to rethink that. 


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