Wanted: Puppy

I’ve decided the next big thing I want to tackle: fatherhood.

Or at least a canine version of it. 

I’m currently in the market for a schnauzer puppy, so leave me a note if you know of any leads. I’m not quite looking for a show dog, so referrals on either rescue shelters or reputable breeders for pet schnauzers would be greatly appreciated!

… and it was either a puppy or enrolling in an MBA program.


3 thoughts on “Wanted: Puppy

  1. Please please please adopt a dog from a rescue org. In DC I am a huge fan of the Washington Animal Rescue League (warl.org). You could also research schnauzer-specific rescue leagues…. but, are you sure that a schnauzer is a good fit for you? Often the dog we like the looks of isn’t necessary the best fit in terms of temperament, etc – one reason WARL is so great is that they go out of their way to make sure each adoption is a good fit. Sorry to be all soapboxy, this is just something I’m very passionate about! On a lighter note: YAAAY, puppies! 🙂

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