On Jon and Kate

I’ve seen maybe one episode of TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus Eight, but I feel compelled to jump into the fray and weigh in after being subject to the bizarre, marathon media firestorm over the couple’s alleged infidelities these past few weeks. (Incidentally, I’m sure Octo-mom* is busy scheming her next steamy scandal to put her back into the spotlight. *No copyright infringement intended.)

I’m convinced that our national pastime of voyeuristic thrill-seeking is indicative of a much larger problem that’s running deep in our cultural identity as Americans. What the Jon & Kate debacle tells me is that we’ve moved our sexy shenanigans from Jerry Springer’s stage to the national stage, using vehicles such as “news” and “documentary television” to somehow add legitimacy to our dirty laundry. What this tells me is that we Americans have been lulled into passive submission, blindly welcoming wall-to-wall media coverage of Lindsey Lohan’s dog’s groomer’s cousin’s latest fashion faux pas without complaint or concern about what such media coverage is doing to our collective IQs. What this tells me is that we ¬†Americans need to get a life.


2 thoughts on “On Jon and Kate

  1. I did watch this particular episode, but I did enjoy Paul’s twits and reading your comments, Coobs.

    I think it’s sad that they might break up. I can’t imagine how one goes about sharing custody of 8 kids. Can you imagine dating?

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