On last night’s Tonight Show, Conan and Andy updated their “In the Year 2000” sketch by fastforwarding to the next millenium. My favorite:

“In the year 3000… YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge into one super time-wasting website called YouTwitFace.”

Ha! Pure and utter genius. Apparently someone already bought the YouTwitFace.com domain. Sweet.

As for my actual review of the show: I love Conan, so anything he does — Pimpbot 3000, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (Robert Smigel’s genius, to be fair), invading Martha Stewart’s lair, apple picking with Mr. T, and even the masturbating bear — is automatically inspired lunacy to me. The fact that I don’t have to stay up until way past my bedtime to see him (and Andy, thankful to have a steady paying gig, I’m sure) is an added bonus.

Bottomline: New time, new city, but still the same old Conan. And for someone like me, whose own approach to comedy has been inspired significantly by Conan’s random sense of humor, I’m happy just to have him on the air. Here’s to more bits of genius like Puking Kermit or Lesbian Lois Lane!


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