Unsolicited Endorsement #17: Nurse Jackie

My new favorite show: Nurse Jackie on Showtime.


I’ve always been a fan of Edie Falco, whether in her iconic role as Carmela Soprano or in her memorable guest spots on 30 Rock and Will & Grace. She has a down-to-earth gravitas that makes you want to root for her, regardless of how questionable her characters’ morals may be.

Falco absolutely shines as the title character Nurse Jackie, a committed nurse who attempts to balance the demands of her job with a whole host of personal issues, including a family, a workplace affair, and an addiction to certain controlled substances. Under a lesser-skilled actress (see Jada Pinkett-Smith in HawthoRNe), the concept could easily succumb to melodrama or Grey’s Anatomy. But Falco’s able portrayal of Nurse Jackie — whose refrain in the pilot is “Make me good, God. But not just yet” — presents a professional, complex, and sympathetic character who is compelling to watch. You just can’t help but be on her side. What’s more, the writing is sharp and clever, and the supporting cast is terrific. All in all, it’s a fantastic show with adult sensibilities and a sense of humor to remind us that the most fun in life is often right under our noses.

Let’s just say that along with Showtime’s Dexter and Weeds, the show fits nicely into the network’s generally-good-people-with-dark-issues genre. What’s next? Real estate agents who are porn stars on the side?


One thought on “Unsolicited Endorsement #17: Nurse Jackie

  1. I’m getting so tired of Network TV. Originality is so rare, and when you find some, and finally have a program you can watch, the plot gets scewered into something unwatchable. When I see the coming attraction for “The(older) Flying Nun”, My foot goes through the Bigscreen.

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