I Hate Justin Purvis

My buddy Sean wrote a pretty sweet post (with video!) about how much WIT improviser extraordinaire Justin Purvis has impacted his improv life.

Me? I’m still in denial that Justin’s moving to New York this summer. Sure, he’s leaving DC to be with an awesome lady and to pursue his larger-than-life dreams — two things that I know will give him the happiness he absolutely deserves.

But I’m selfish and don’t want him to leave me, especially since we haven’t even performed together. (Incidentally, I submitted a proposal for us for a two-man show at this year’s Improvapalooza at WIT. The title of our show? “Two Men in a Tub.” Naturally. I’ll let y’all know if that actually comes to fruition.) And who else am I going to see crappily staged musicals with?

So I’m going to pout and whine and whimper like Brian does when I leave for work in the morning. It’s part of the separation process.

But I know I should be happy for Justin because I know he’s moving on to bigger and better things. Still, it’s going to be a lot quieter around WIT without his infectious energy, his incredibly intelligent improv, and his tremendously huge heart. And I know my life will be significantly less interesting without him around. I don’t think I’ve made a closer friend since I’ve moved here.

Thankfully, we’ve agreed to be in each other’s weddings (whomever goes first), so I’m sure we’ll be in touch. And the fact that I just blogged about it means he can’t renege his offer. Ha! Checkmate, Purvis!

One of the few pictures of me and Justin that's fit to print.
One of the few pictures of me and Justin that's fit to print.


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