House Hunt Update: One Step Closer

So the big news this weekend: The sellers of the MurderHaus accepted my offer.

All together now: Woohoo!!!

The sellers totally accepted my purchase price and a concession of $5,000 in closing costs. The only thing they came back to me on was a change in the settlement company.

Almost eight weeks after I officially started the house hunt process (although I’d been casually looking since 2008), I’m one step closer to being a homeowner. And I can finally breathe a sigh of relief as I prepare for yet another chapter in my life journey, this one mainly made up of 30 years of mortgage payments.

My buddy Matt astutely observed that I must have some deep psychosis requiring me to earn my doctorate, get a dog, and buy a house within the same year. Never thought about it, but I guess it’s true.

In any case, the next steps are to get the place inspected and to lock in my mortgage rates. I still have two contingencies that will allow me to walk away at this stage of the game: (1) I have an out in case the inspection reveals a major deal-breaker, and (2) I have an out in case I don’t like what I read in the condo documents, which will be sent to me shortly.

I’m hoping that everything will work out if this place is really meant to be mine. That’s the faith part of this whole business.

And in case folks are curious, the condo is right off of 395 on King Street in Alexandria. Here’s a pic of the building:


I’m not superstitious, but I’ll put more details on the condo on the blog (including before-and-after shots after I paint and make some small DIY changes) once the ink on the contract is dry. 🙂


One thought on “House Hunt Update: One Step Closer

  1. coobs: be sure to look extra hard at stuff on the home inspection. my inspector caught all of the ‘major’ stuff, but we both failed to notice that the linoleum counter tops had been PAINTED white. They’re red. Something I didn’t realize until the day I moved in and tried to clean that nasty coffee stain in the latex paint.

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