I Got Nothin’

Brain too dead to write anything cogent for the blog.

A few happenings this week, in bullets:

  • I went on another house hunt trip with Madeline on Saturday, just in case MurderHaus doesn’t pan out. I don’t really consider it cheating, since the seller’s bank hasn’t even responded to my offer. And even if they already did, the condo still has to go through an inspection. I found some places in the complex next door that are more move-in ready and are not short sales or foreclosures. I’m praying about and sleeping on it, but I might consider just turning my back on MurderHaus altogether and finding another unit. I know, I know. The dilemma now: What to do with all my black, tight-fitting shirts that say “I live in the MurderHaus”?
  • I taught an intensive Level 1B improv course with Washington Improv Theater that met for five consecutive evenings last week. It was exhausting but utterly satisfying. My class was awesome, and they totally killed during their student showcase. I’m willing to concede that they actually had a better show than my troupe, DMG, did. In any case, I’m teaching a regular Level 1B class again this fall. Sign up for classes here: http://www.washingtonimprovtheater.com/pages.php?pageName=classes
  • I feel like I’m plateauing in my improv performances. I’ve been feeling a bit of leveling for a few weeks now, so I’m trying to up my game a little bit. How I know this: During the improv jam (basically a free for all), one of WIT’s rock stars, Karin Hammerberg, did a few scenes with me, and I felt completely: (1) intimidated and (2) inadequate. It’s like I turn into a blubber of negation and denial every time I hop into scene with my improv idols. (Same thing happened at last week’s jam with Mikael Johnson. It was so bad, my brain was screaming in my head: “You’re denying his reality, Archie! Stop it!”)

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