House Hunt Update: Pulling the Plug on MurderHaus

Well, Madeline finally heard back from the MurderHaus agent. Apparently, it was going to take three to six more months before the seller’s bank makes any kind of decision on my offer.

(Lesson learned: Had I known/understood what’s really involved in short sales, I wouldn’t have submitted an offer in the first place. Good to know for my next home purchase–when I win the lottery.)

Given that one of the reasons I decided to take the plunge into real estate is to take advantage of the $8,000 first-time homebuyers’ tax credit that’s set to expire December 1, I decided to pull the offer on the MurderHaus.

Thankfully, Madeline and I found a better unit in the condo community next door. It’s a top-floor unit of a four-story building with hardwood floors, updated kitchen and bathroom, and a den. By all counts, I get more bang for my buck (granted, the asking price was a bit more than MurderHaus). But, it’s a terrific unit in a terrific community, so I put an offer on it yesterday.

Madeline just let me know that the seller’s going to take a look at my offer today.

And suddenly, the reality of homebuying and a 30-year mortgage just started sinking back in again.

Hopefully no one was murdered in this one, either.


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