Mean Dentists

I yelped about this as well, but I had an, um, interesting experience at the dentist earlier this week.

An excerpts from my review:

But when Dr. Cave gets pissed off, you get the brunt of it. I had an appointment with him early this week, and when his dental hygienist failed to prepare the necessary tools for a procedure (he waited no more than 10 seconds; I counted), not only did he proceed to berate her in front of me (HR alert!), but he also let his emotions get in the way of his work.

As I’m sitting there, he asks me to slide my teeth forward or somethingorother. Because I’m apparently dense, I wasn’t properly following what he wanted me to do. (And in any case, it wasn’t a function that I consciously do with my teeth in my everyday life.) Of course, he got a little annoyed at that, too.

Clearly pissed off, he got sloppy. As he’s rooting around in my mouth, he “accidentally” sprays me in the face, not once, but twice with that drill/spray apparatus of his. I’m just a poor paying schmo here, vulnerable as all get out in his chair, and apparently I’m also getting a free facial spritz with my cleaning. I didn’t realize his clinic was a spa, too.

As he rolls his chair away to hand me my chart, calling me “buckaroo” or some sort of nine-year old nickname, he doesn’t even acknowledge that my face is dripping. His assistant hands me a tissue, awkwardly laughing at what had just happened.

Look, I’m all for professionalism and business. I don’t even mind Simon Cowell as a health practitioner. But when it impacts the quality of the work, that’s a deal breaker, ladies.

Yeah. What she said.


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