House Hunt Update: Inspection!

Okay, so I haven’t written an update on the house hunt in a while. If this were on HGTV, the weeks in between updates would have been edited out with B roll footage of the DC Metro region scored with generic elevator music.

Where were we? So the seller accepted my offer on the condo. However, details on the financing with Bank of America are still being worked out, as the condo I bought is apparently not FHA-approved. Boooooo. But the spot approval process seems to be coming along – knock on wood – and we’ll be hearing from HUD shortly. So everything is still a go for a closing date of October 26.


Two weekends ago, I had the condo inspected using the services of U.S. Inspect ( The inspector, Lyle Perkinson, was nice and seemed to know what he was doing. He prefaced everything with a disclaimer that the inspection was purely visual and that his report would not include anything inside walls, be it rotting wood or evil zombie corpses.

Inspections can be a little overwhelming, but Lyle did a pretty impressive job explaining things like electric panels and heat pump compressors—alien concepts to a consummate renter. I can say that I actually left the inspection feeling a little better about how to at least diagnose issues in the condo should something go awry while I’m there.

After the inspection, an appraisal was conducted on the property, as required by the bank. The appraisal came in at asking price, so no issues there.

So as of today, the final steps left: Getting spot approval on the FHA loan from the VHDA, locking in the rate for my mortgage, and reviewing the condo documents to make sure I’m comfortable with the policies and procedures of the homeowners association (e.g., apparently the condo has a $150 move-in fee for anyone moving in. WTF?).

Once those steps happen, the mad rush to pack all my crap, find a lessee to take over my apartment lease, and move begins. Next stop: homeownership!


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