My Name is Archie, and I’m an Ex-Fish Owner

In preparation for my impending move, I’ve been downsizing. Sadly, despite my best intentions, my fish did not make it to the “keep” list. So I parted ways with them this past weekend.

And before anyone accuses me of ichthycide, I posted them on Craigslist and gave them free to a good home. So there. No one got flushed down the toilet.

I will miss those little buggers. Even though I only officially started my aquarium obsession in 2005 (guppies and goldfish kept in glass jars when I was a kid don’t count), I’ve always had a fascination with fish. Little known fact about me: Of the Superfriends, I always wanted to be Aquaman – not just for the blond locks, but also for the fish company. Seriously.

But, it’s time to move on. I have bigger fish to deal with now: ones with four legs, a furry beard, and a stubby tail.

I'm totes into Aquaman. Maybe it's the hair. Or the trident. Or the green gloves.

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