Wolfman Puberty

I don’t understand the intense estrogenic devotion that the “Twilight” books and movies have garnered from the public. (And to be fair, I have not read the books, nor have I seen the first movie.)

But half of the reward for enduring 24/7 press coverage of a movie like The Twilight Saga: New Moon is the reviews.

So far, my favorite comes courtesy of AP’s David Germain, who writes:

“Months of pining and bad dreams eventually are eased for Bella as she starts hanging out with Jacob, who misses no opportunity to show off his Olympian pecs and abs. Bella’s timing stinks, though, because Jacob’s just entering wolfman puberty.” (The full review is available here.)

One part of me wonders what’s involved in wolfman puberty. The other is trying hard not to picture Jason Bateman in Teen Wolf Too.



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