So I’ve been rereading some of the posts I’ve written on this blog since 2005. A few conclusions I’ve derived from my informal analysis:

  1. You can clearly trace the decline in the intellectualism of my posts from when I started as a doctoral student in 2005 — writing about the collapse and potential salvation of American higher education — to my latest post about my miniature schnauzer Brian eating the fur off his stuffed lion. I’m convinced it has something to do with the albeit unsubstantiated fact that grad school has given me ADHD and also killed off valuable intellectual brain cells.
  2. I harp on the same things over and over. Apparently I’m big into “connections” and recognizing “what matters most in life.” A psychology undergrad could take a look at the sum of my written work and conclude that I’m a lonely, highly intelligent, and slightly narcissistic sociopath. Could.
  3. I integrated insights from books into my posts. Now I integrate insights from TV shows and movies. Dead brain cells, right? Right?
  4. You can also trace the evolution of my current cynicism towards organized Christianity (the kind that tells people that the reason Haiti suffered this devastating tragedy is because it made a dastardly deal with the devil in the 1700s to get rid of the French). I pondered the same life questions many of us do: What makes a good Christian? How do you know that what you’re doing is really for God and not a ploy to look good in front of your Christian buddies?
  5. I’ve had a perpetual four-pack since 2005. I can’t ever seem to get through to the other two in my lower abs.
  6. The number of posts about my technological miseries declined significantly after I got my Mac. 🙂
  7. I was exhausted a lot in grad school.
  8. For a while I tried to be clever and title all my posts based on Six Feet Under episode titles. And then I ran out.
  9. I love pop culture. ‘Nuff said.
  10. My most popular post — according to the WordPress stats — is the one about the tremor worm as an explanation for the multiple mini-earthquakes in Nevada a few years ago. Who knew?

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