Key Words

Some of my thoughts (in bold) on key words and phrases appearing in a article on the country’s first legal gigolo who recently started working at the Shady Lady Ranch in Nevada:

“Shady Lady Ranch”
Brilliant business name. Catchy, to the point, and could double as the name of Paul Newman’s newest salad dressing.

“Nevada Brothel Owners Association”
I’d like to attend one of their annual conferences. For the educational sessions.

An excerpt, this time: “Markus, 25, described himself as a well-read college dropout and former U.S. Marine from Alabama. He said he drove to Los Angeles to become a porn actor and left after filming two scenes, the first about a month ago. He said he ended up in a homeless shelter near Santa Monica, Calif., after being unable to find another job.”
Kids today. Quitting after only filming two scenes. Back in my day, you stick with a job for at least a year before you move on to your next project. Sheeeeeeeeesh.

“The brothel’s newest space is a disconnected cottage that looks like a roomy studio, with a kitchenette, a wooden bathtub in the bedroom and armrests on the toilet.”
I’d like to see these spaces made over in an HGTV show entitled “Pimp My Whore House.”

“He has been criticized by female counterparts for not being willing to have sex with men. And he created a dustup after telling Details magazine that his pioneering role in the sex business was “just the same” as civil rights icon Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus. Not surprisingly, he has been forbidden from doing interviews after the remarks.”
At this point, I think no further comment is necessary.


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