Friday Roundup

  • Apparently, Jennifer Love Hewitt is now an expert on “vajazzling.” Yeah, it’s exactly what you think it is.
  • Researchers from my alma mater (Boston University) and my could-have-been-alma-mater* (Brown University) have discovered that binge drinking the night before taking the GRE exam doesn’t impact performance. So chug away, you drunk college kids!
    *It’s a long story involving bitterness towards my parents for not letting me pursue a liberal arts degree at Brown and instead insisting that I pursue the physical therapy program at BU. And of course, we all know what happened to my aspiring physical therapy career…
  • I’m too riled up to talk about the stupid protesters who are decrying a bill that improves healthcare for more Americans. Again: like flags and puppies. Who doesn’t want that? Apparently right wing extremists. Who’s un-American now?
  • My FIST team, Goddammit Mother, is battling Plan B tonight. One of Plan B’s cast members is a hugely ginormous improv crush. I hope I can avert my starry eyes long enough to do some decent improv. Show is at 9:30 p.m. at Source, 14th and T Streets, NW. Tickets are $10. For more info, visit

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