In 2008, Wells Fargo acquired my bank, Wachovia for something like $15B (peanuts compared with other gajillion dollar figures being thrown around these days). So they’ve been slowly transitioning online accounts from Wachovia to Wells Fargo.

Yesterday, I set up my online Wells Fargo account. It seemed easy enough, except the choices for security verification questions were so surprisingly complex that I wondered if anyone could actually remember the answers.

Some suggestions for additions to the question bank:
1. What was your best friend’s locker room combination in the 7th grade?
2. How many times did you kiss your 2nd grade crush?
3. What was the second word in the third paragraph of the poem you wrote about bees in your high school creative writing class?
4. What was the middle name of the hot teaching assistant in your AP biology class?
5. What were the names of the two people immediately to the left and right of your photo in your high school yearbook?
6. How many cans of Aqua Net did you use in March 1986?
7. How many McDonald’s Arch Deluxes did you order in 1996?
8. How many “Frankie Say Relax” shirts did you own?


One thought on “TMI

  1. My answer to question 6: How many cans of Aqua Net did you use in March 1986?

    Only 2 as I was six years old at the time and only allowed to fix my hair on the weekends. I used three cans in April because of my ballet recital.

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