These Dreams

Random images from my dreams last night:

– I was locked out of my apartment, so I had to stand in line at my complex’s management office to get a key. The people manning the front desk of the management office were all people I recognized in my daily life (e.g., neighbors and shuttle bus mates).

– TJ, who was standing next to me, apparently had a key to my apartment, but I insisted we stand in line anyway.

– Walter White (from Breaking Bad) and I, along with a bunch of other hooligans, were in the basement boiler room of some building, conjuring up a baby demon so we could sacrifice it next door.

– The baby demon, invisible (of course), tried to escape the boiler room like a little rascal. But we caught it just in time because the pipes started spraying water, and I could see the outline of the baby demon in the downpour.

– Right before we grabbed the baby demon for the sacrifice, my alarm woke me up, so I never found out what happened after.

Anyone care to interpret these for me?


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