Toy Story 3: Yes, I Cried

On, Entertainment Weekly TV critic Owen Glieberman shares an emotionally stirring post about how Toy Story 3 made him—a grown man—cry.

I ditto most everything he says.

I cried twice during the movie.

Oh, it wasn’t just a growing little lump in my throat. I had actual welling up and gushing of tears streaming down my face. Thank God for the 3D glasses.

Leave it to the geniuses at Pixar to take your heart strings and thrash them like a famished Great White Shark gorging on a helpless seal. (Last time I bawled like a baby was during Wall-E, which I had the good fortune of seeing twice. Alone.)

In any case, plenty of more articulate stuff has been and will be written about the emotional resonance of Toy Story 3. I won’t even attempt to replicate it.

All I’ll say is that this movie struck a chord in me that all at once made me joyful, sad, wistful, and just a little bit guilty that I’m not going out there and playing more.

One of the main tenets of John Christensen’s FISH! Philosophy is play. Every once in a while I wonder what life would be like if we all pulled the rods out of our collective asses and just played.


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