Bob Loyalty

Bob, my ’96 Honda Civic, “failed” his annual “safety” inspection this weekend (thanks, Commonwealth of Virginia!), so I had to send him in for almost $400 in repairs. The $400 price tag normally wouldn’t be too bad, except Bob’s value per the Kelley Blue Book is a little less than $1,000.

Not that my 14 year-old vehicle doesn’t run well. In fact, for a car that’s been passed down from my parents to me and that’s been driven all over New England and now the DC Metro area, Bob actually runs pretty well.

But the inevitable is… well, inevitable. I couldn’t help thinking about how much in repairs I can afford further down the road, especially if the costs of fixing Bob start inching towards how much he’s actually worth. So let’s just say I’ve officially started to save for his eventual replacement (maybe a Honda CRV, just to keep it in the family) when he does finally decide to retire.

And that, my friends, will be a sad day.


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