True Blood Watch: Tonight’s Body Count

So yes, I am a nerd. I used to write reviews of X-Files episodes after they aired and post them on to be discussed by other Philes.

One of the episode stats I kept track of was body count, whether it was the result of killer kitties or evil trees or scary alien monsters.

Tonight’s episode of True Blood dispensed a number of major (and minor) characters in ways very much deserving of the show’s Adult Content, Adult Language, and Violence warnings. My count:

  • Vampires: 2 (We’ll miss you, Lorena. Not so much you, Magister.)
  • Werewolves: 1 (Sorry, Cooter.)
  • Dogs: A bunch (Booooo, dogfighting storyline.)

As a TV viewer, True Blood‘s growing body count this season actually encourages me, since a show’s cast of characters can only grow so much before it needs to start trimming the fat (Maude Flanders, anyone?). Much like — spoiler alert! — when Terri Bauer bites it at the end of the first season of 24 or when Nate Fisher dies a few episodes before the series denouement of Six Feet Under, a show that keeps its audience guessing by playing with the traditional roles of who’s “safe” and who’s not earns two thumbs up in my book.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, Eric Northman and Russell Edgington, the latter of whom is quickly becoming one of my favorite True Blood characters:


One thought on “True Blood Watch: Tonight’s Body Count

  1. YES! Thank you for posting this. I supremely enjoy this new character, the King of Mississippi. And I just want to bite Alexander Skaargaard’s face off.

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